Now SNAP benefits are even more valuable. In April and May, Oregon households receiving SNAP benefits will receive the maximum amount available for their household size.

If your monthly SNAP benefit before the COVID-19 crisis was less than the maximum for your household, you will get extra benefits automatically added to your card in April and May.

See you will receive maximum SNAP benefits.

If you are not receiving benefits now, we have help for applying online here.

Or try calling 1-855-673-2372.

School meals

Oregon schools have “grab-and-go” meals for pickup. A helpful list of where to find meals for children 1-18 is provided by Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon. This is a “live” spreadsheet that of all school districts in Oregon (some links may re-direct, etc).

All Oregon school districts with links to their meal plans

Food banks

Food banks and pantries are open around the state. If you are having trouble finding places to get food, Oregon Food Bank has a team of navigators available from 9 to 5 week days. Call 503-505-7061.

Oregon Food Bank also offers a complete list of partner agencies you can search by zip code.