Parents take on one of the most relentless and challenging jobs in the world every single day. You did it once, now here you go again, this time with a few added wrinkles…and we’re not just talking faces, here! The world has changed. Schools, technology, societal standards for what’s acceptable aren’t the same. You may be dealing with a deeply traumatized child. As you probably remember, there is no magical manual. Most of it, you have to figure out as you go. Still, we hope this helps.

Grandparents Webinar Series

AGE+ and Ties That Bind are committed to helping grandparents raising grandchildren navigate distance learning and find successes among the many challenges. To watch the recorded webinars, click on the videos below.

Step into the Role of Parent

  • Feeling overwhelmed about stepping into the role of parent for a second time? Here are some useful tips and starting points for you – learn more.
  • Join our Ties That Bind Facebook support group to learn more from other grandparents like you – learn more.


  • The Adolescent Brain: developing independence and responsibility is part of growing up – learn more.
  • De-escalation: skills you can learn to calm confrontations – learn more.
  • What if Something Happens to me: by gathering and updating important information now, you can help care for your grandchildren if anything should happen to you – learn more.  

Educational Resources

  • Swindells Resource Center of Providence Child Center supports parents and caregivers of children who have special needs, developmental delays or disabilities  – learn more.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Learning to help your Child and your family – learn more.
  • Oregon Family-to-Family Health Information Center – learn more.
  • Ties That Bind Resources and Information for the 2020-2021 School Year – learn more.