Ties That Bind 

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Oregon



When you find yourself with a new role, it can seem like you are facing a whole new world of complications. Where to begin? These resources may help you sort out the legal details and find the financial aid you and your child(ren) are entitled to receive.


Life and Relationships

Raising kids while keeping your other relationships healthy will take all your body, mind and heart. So, hopefully without adding more pressure to your stressed life, we offer these ideas and resources for keeping yourself together.


Parents take on one of the most challenging jobs possible every single day. You did it once, now here you go again! The world has changed. Schools, technology, societal standards for what’s acceptable aren’t the same. We hope these resources will help. 

Support during the coronavirus outbreak.

Grandparents raising grandchildren have extra fears and needs. Visit this page for updates on things you can do. Stay strong. Be well. Love each other.

Join our online community.

This group was created to bring Oregon grandparents raising grandchildren and other relatives raising children together to share their experiences, stories, knowledge and resources to support one another. We believe in the wisdom of the group.


Farm Fresh Food Boxes Available for Free

No forms, applications or questions asked. Just arrive early and pick up one these 20-25 pound boxes of dairy, vegetables and/or pre-cooked meats at one of the sites listed here. As part of a new program to link Families to Farmers, the US Department of Agriculture is...

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Free Meals Available to All Children in Portland

Portland School District is providing free Breakfast and Lunches for any child in the community under age 19. Meals are available for pickup between 11 am and 1 pm Monday through Thursday. Meals for the weekend ready for pickup on Thursdays. To view a map of locations...

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