As a grandparent raising grandchildren you are facing unexpected expenses. You probably haven’t added them up since these costs tend to dribble in a little here and a little there. Maybe you don’t want to know! But the folks at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research have put some dollar figures to it.

According to their research, when an older couple assumes responsibility for grandchildren, the additional food costs per month are $206 for one grandchild, $389 for two grandchildren, and $552 for three grandchildren. Additional transportation costs per month are $129 per grandchild; additional miscellaneous costs per month are $112 per grandchild.

We’ll do the math. Taking responsibility for two grandchildren is going to cost an extra $871 per month.

One more reason to be sure to file for the Earned Income Tax Credit and to apply for SNAP and TANF benefits.



Note: these 2011 costs are for California.