The internet is flooded with information about the coronavirus and COVID-19 illness. Most of this is in English. These translated Public Health Recommendations from Seattle & King counties in 12 languages are frequently updated. Please check back regularly. For Google translations of Ties That Bind pages on this site, please use the translator box in the upper right corner.

COVID-19 (በፊት “ኖቬል ኮሮናቫይረስ” ተብሎ የሚታወቀዉ) የህዝብ ጤና ምክረ ሀሳቦች

COVID-19 توصيات الصحة العامة الخاصة ب

COVID-19 公共衛生局建議

COVID-19: Recommandations de la Santé Publique

Mga Rekomendasyon ng Pampublikong Kalusugan sa COVID-19

COVID-19 Public Health हिदायत

Nyob Huv Tsev, Nyob kuam Noj Qaab Nyob Zoo

COVID-19 (新型コロナウィルス)に関する公衆衛生上の推奨事項

អនុសាសន៍នៃសុខភាពសាធារណៈ ពីជំងឺខូវីដ-១៩

COVID-19 공중보건국 권장 사항

COVID-19 Public Health Komelele ko

COVID-19 Рекомендации Отдела Общественного Здравоохранения

COVID-19 Talooyin Ka haayada caafimaadka ee dadweynaha

COVID-19 Recomendaciones de Salud Pública

โควิด-19 (COVID-19) คำแนะนำจากสาธาราณสุข

Các Khuyến Khích Y Tế Công Cộng về Vi-rút COVID-19