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Free Tax Help

Grandparents raising grandchildren have plenty to do without fretting over tax returns. But there is a very good reason to not procrastinate:  you may be eligible for up to $6,000 in tax refunds by claiming the Earned Income Tax credit. Fortunately, folks out there...

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You’re Not Imagining It. Kids are Expensive!

As a grandparent raising grandchildren you are facing unexpected expenses. You probably haven’t added them up since these costs tend to dribble in a little here and a little there. Maybe you don't want to know! But the folks at the UCLA Center for Health Policy...

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The Easiest Way to Get Cash from the IRS

Hundreds of thousands of Oregonians are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit but don’t know it – and could be missing out on a tax credit of up to $6,557.  Grandparents raising grandchildren who earned less than $56,000 probably qualify for the tax credit (the...

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