Help for writing an application letter

Many scholarship applications require a letter from the child’s guardian. This is your chance to explain why your grandchild would benefit from the camp experience.  Your letter can include these key points:

  • Introduce yourself:  “I am ________’s grandmother and I have been his/her primary caregiver since ________.
  • Explain circumstances of your caregiving (briefly): “I am caring for __________ because her/his parents are addicted/are serving overseas/have died.” 
  • Be direct and explicit about your family income:  “As a family, we are living on an annual budget of $XX.” Add information about your work if you are still working.  Give any information about free or reduced lunch.
  • Explain why your grandchild would benefit from camp:  “My grandchild loves the outdoors, science, drama.” “I want my grandchild to have the experience of meeting other children.” If you can, give examples that show what you are saying is true and also gives a glimpse of your grandchild.
  • Mention other people who know your grandchild who would be willing to recommend her/him:  “I would be happy to connect you to my grandchild’s pastor, teacher, coach.”
  • Finally, thank the camp for considering your situation:  “Camp _________ looks like a wonderful place for children/teens. Thank you for considering our special situation.”



Where to find more camps
You might be surprised — there are dozens and dozens
It only takes a spark…

Your local church is also a place to check.

Use the links below for more information about summer camps.

Or, search yourself by Googling “summer camps” and enter the name of a nearby city.  This should turn up lists from magazines and newspapers.

When you go to a camp’s website, look for “scholarships” information. It is not always easy to find, but nonprofit camps want to help everyone irregardless of ability to pay. If you don’t find it, call and ask.