Ties That Bind 

Grandparents and Kinship Caregivers Raising Children in Oregon

Support for Grandparents


When you find yourself with a new role, it can seem like you’re facing a world of complications.  These resources may help with legal help and financial assistance you and your child(ren) are entitled to receive.


Life and Relationships

Raising kids while keeping your other relationships healthy will take all your body, mind and heart. We offer these ideas and resources for keeping yourself together.


Parents take on one of the most challenging jobs possible every single day. You did it once, now here you go again! The world has changed. We hope these resources will help. 

Our Community

Join our Facebook group. It was created to bring Oregon grandparents raising grandchildren together to share their experiences and knowledge to support one another. 


Please check the Ties That Bind Facebook group for more events and opportunities in your area!

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Plan Now for Summer Camp

Yes, it really may be possible. You may be able to help your grandchild or children experience the wonderfully enriching experience of going to summer camp. We’ve researched 15 programs in Oregon that offer scholarships or reduced tuition. Plus, we’ll show you where...

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Introducing Ties That Bind

JFRF is confronting issues impacting grandparents raising grandchildren head on with our new initiative, Ties That Bind. This program is our response to the growing issue of kinship caregivers (usually grandparents) who find themselves in the primary role of parent,...

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